Be served by the Most trusted, stable & reliable Internet Service Provider in Bhubaneswar



We are taking Bhubaneshwar to go wireless which is extremely easy to install with nothing to worry about, expandable and connectable to every possible device that needs to connect to the internet.


It's not just the speed, it is the uptime that matters to provide the promising internet service. We have already established 99% uptime and are still striving to give a better experience to you!


We have ensured to give proper connectivity with good uptime and enough speed. So forget your worries, and stay back relaxed. This is the best of all ISP in here at Bhubaneshwar. Rest assured that you are with the best Internet Service Providers in Cuttack, Odisha


Our customer support team is built in parallel with a good number of folks to support for Bhubaneswar and Cuttack city. So, if you need anything at anytime, just contact our customer support and stay rest assured, we will deal the details and get right back with the necessary solutions to provide the best customer experience.

JinusNet For high Speed Internet Connection across Bhubaneswar & Cuttack

We are the pioneers in providing the best internet services, striving to provide the best internet connectivity. We are principally looking forward to offer the fastest Broadband Internet services in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar with extreme reliability. We are looking at bringing in good technology of fiber optics that are scalable and trust worthy, building better internet experience for the people of Bhubaneshwar. we are also one of the leading Internet Service Provider in cuttack.

Perfecting internet connection with incredibly high speed, with uptime better than ever, is our solid vision and mission of the company. Internet for home and internet for business, every reason to ever use the internet will be incredibly fast, with promising dependency and at the most affordable cost as possible.Our Broadband Internet For Business in cuttack is simply affordable.

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