Customised Plan

At Jinusnet, we understand that your usage would differ according to your needs. Hence, we have come up with options to take customized plans. You can first consult and come up with your detailed requirements of usage. Either at home or office, it depends upon the number of devices that would need connectivity and the download and upload requirements. The speed and cost factor would go next, once you have decided on what would be your monthly requirements, you can share the same with our customer support executives at Jinusnet. We would get back with the plan that would suit you the best without having to spend much on the data that goes unused end of the month.

All you have to do is to define your monthly budget, select your speed and usage preferences, and choose the plan that would best suit you regardless. Why waste money on defined when you can customize, make best use of the internet, and pay really lesser than what you usually do?

Jinusnet would be one of the best customer service oriented broadband service provider in Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack. We have added more flexibility to the plans to ensure that customers deserve the best internet services ever! We also give you the option to change plans whenever you need, either upgrade or downgrade as per your choice. Pay only for what you use.

Check our list of plans that would suit either home, office, organizations, companies, multi-national companies, etc.. With broadband offers, including speed, usage and customer service round the clock.

The best of internet services to the customers is availed only at Jinusnet, just key in your personal detail and our customer service executives will arrange for broadband installation within 24 hours.

We are coming up with new options and offers that would fall under economy category, speed, Flexi category, and much more. Do not miss this exciting opportunity to switch to the fastest internet service at Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack. We are focusing on innovating new offers that would be cost effective and help more people to use the internet in the country. If you need a customized plan for your business, contact our customer service to know the best offer. We also provide leasing over DSL, web hosting, intranet, intracity VPN for multinational companies in Bhubaneshwar to get the best use of the Internet. Our service is active in Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack regardless of the locality.Contact us to check the coverage in your location.