For those who are looking for premium internet connectivity over fiber, which has uncontended, symmetrical speed with full-duplex support and dedication, Jinusnet has the best internet leased line plans. It is known as an Ethernet leased line or DIA line, data or even private circuit according to the type used for these leased line plans.

The internet has shrunk the world much and most of our day to day lives depend on being connected, being able to converse across the border, do business and make money. Everything turned online, and hence a dedicated line is required sometimes, there are businesses that failed or lost millions of dollars just because of a downtime that was unexpected or a slow internet that affected the business and left a bad impact on the revenue. The need for internet connection that are extremely connected with good speed with nil downtime led to the advent of this internet leased line services, and at Jinusnet, we provide various plans according to the requirement.

There are various advantages when you use leased line services, you will have the complete use of the internet cable and it is almost like having a fully dedicated personal server. This would not lead to any downtime, no resource sharing and hence, one can stay rest assured. The connection would be faster than ever at any point of time when the cable is used. If you’re looking for a stable connection, talk to our representatives and get your leased line right away.

Enjoy the benefits of non-shared and extremely personal internet connection that will never hog at any day. At Jinusnet, we have sorted out the most economic plan ever to serve the critical businesses and transactions in Bhubaneshwar.

Get in touch with our representative and book your leased line plan right away, get it installed in just 24 hours and enjoy non-stop internet with nil downtime.Our service is active in Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack regardless of the locality.Contact us to check the coverage in your location.

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